Monday, January 25, 2010

Featured Brand: Lepsim Lowrys Farm

Lepsim Lowrys Farm is an offshoot of popular Japanese streetwear brand Lowrys Farm. Their latest catalogue is moody and contemplative. While a bit darker than the cheery, quirky style that some mori girls sport, it is very autumnal and suited to the dark forest tones that most mori girls will feel an affinity for.

Ah, yet another appearance of the adorable toggle coat that has become increasingly popular in recent winters. These pictures make me feel like going on a woodland campout.

I love the lamps and the exploratory mood of the whole shoot.


Big scarves wound all the way around the neck like in the first picture are popular with mori girls. And the rustic atmosphere of the lodge in the countryside is quite inspiring.

Honestly, these clothes don't seem to be targeted particularly at mori girls. However, I think the photoshoot captures the richness of fall--the season that inspired mori girl style in the first place.

Image source: Lepsim Lowrys Farm

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  1. how odd!I never knew that I was a mori girl!

  2. I really like Lowrys Farm... they have some really darling things at their website.


  3. Lucy: Anyone can be a mori girl! It's a state of mind, not just clothes. :)

    Mignonette: I like it too, may feature the main line here if I see something suitable. :)

  4. i love these. thank you for sharing + your blog is adorable. xo

  5. Thanks for that sweet comment. :)

  6. Do you know if their online store ships overseas?

  7. I'm not 100% sure but I have a feeling they don't, unfortunately.

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