Friday, January 21, 2011

Featured Brand: Ciaopanic

The theme of Japanese fashion brand Ciaopanic's ladies' collection is "sweet vintage," something that should interest most mori girls. The pictures below were shot in the United States. I love them!

I have a thing for vintage motorcycles, lazy shirts with collars and well-worn cardigans. The first picture contains all three!

The floral bomber jacket in the first picture below is great, and the very American tshirts in both pictures are great fun.

Great examples of layering. The scarves wound all the way around the neck are distinctly mori girlish, and the roomy white dress in the bottom picture has a great silhouette.

These pictures smell of freedom.

Image source: Ciaopanic

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  1. It's so delicate, sweet and natural! I reaaly loved!

  2. Madrepérola: Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

    Jamille Queiroz: Thanks for reading!

  3. found a mori girl shop on etsy here :D

  4. That red headed model is so gorgeous!

  5. Anonymous: Thanks, for the link, but it seems to be gone now. :(

    Lindsay: Yup, I love the unique colouring redheads have.

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  14. Nice collection. Very appropriate if you just want a laid back and cozy feel. Very good vibes effect just looking at the collection.

  15. This is like a "preppy vintage" style. So effortless. It is like going through your grandmother's teenage closet! Perfect for fall or pre winter outfits.

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