Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mori girls like markets

Some people believe that to live well, a person needs to eat well. Mori girls know that doesn't mean dining at posh restaurants everyday, or feasting on foie gras and caviar. If you feel like you haven't been enjoying your food lately, wake up early one morning and make a trip down to your local market!

The market isn't the most peaceful of places, especially on a Saturday morning. You might be pushed and shoved, and stallholders will be shouting left and right. In such a lively atmosphere, you'll be feeling awake in no time even if, like me, you're not a morning person.
Mori girls love fresh produce. Have a stroll about the market in search of the freshest apples and strawberries to bring with you on your next picnic, or crisp greens to add to a salad eaten by the window at home on a lazy afternoon. Mori girls like to D-I-Y whenever they can, and what better place to try your hand at creating than your meals? The market gives mori girls the opportunity to try new recipes and devise their own menus, instead of being at the mercy of fast food joints and cafeterias.

I recommend bringing along a canvas tote bag to carry whatever you buy. They're easier to use and more environmentally-friendly than plastic bags. Many markets have food stalls; if yours does, you can enjoy a fresh breakfast to reward yourself for making it there so early.

I used to get everything from the supermarket since the closest market is a half hour walk away and I could never wake up early enough. Nowadays, though, I try to get all my fruit and vegetables at the market because everything is so much cheaper and fresher. I read somewhere that the fruit and vegetables at supermarkets are treated with chemicals to make them last longer. Yikes! My market also has a deli selling fresh cheeses, breads and meats. Perfect for stocking up on ingredients to build sandwiches with. There are also stalls selling fresh yoghurt, nuts and muesli, tastier and more nutritious snacks than bags of potato chips from the supermarket.


  1. I like markets, but unfortunately I don't have any markets near where I live. But whenever I'm on vacation in South France I enjoy the markets so much. Especially their fruits, cookies and lavender flowers ;)

  2. I heard there is a market near me (Soulard) but I also heard it's not very sanitary. :'(
    Maybe I will have to go check out the one near my friend's school. :D

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