Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-To-Wear

When I first became interested in fashion during my teenage years, Marc Jacobs was my favourite designer. I still have a soft spot for his label mainly because, even in its more serious collections, it always manages to maintain an air of youthfulness.

The Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-To-Wear collection not only retains the loose, slightly awkward silhouettes that characterise the brand's clothing, but also uses a light springtime palette that mori girls will love.

The first dress just smells of spring and looks adorable layered with the collared shirt, while the second polka-dotted dress is really cute and has layering potential too.

The first dress is an unusual spin on the well-loved checked dress. The hairstyle on the model in the second picture reminds me of Hagu from Honey and Clover.

These lovely long dresses are very suited to mori girl style.

I love the way the dresses seem to burst forth from the coats like budding flowers. 

That last dress is beautiful and ethereal, but still manages to maintain an air of innocence, especially when paired with flat sandals instead of heels.  I really love the idea of pairing beautiful dresses with flats.

Image source: Marc Jacobs


  1. It is a darling collection... I especially love the last dress, I would wear it in a heart-beat.

  2. I really like that fifth dress. Have you seen the Kenzo Fall/Winter 2011 show? Lots of great stuff there as well!

  3. love the dress with the coat! love marc jacobs!

  4. I love that lavender long dress, it's so elegant, and flowy. It reminds me of a sort of "dressed up" mori girl look. The last dress is really cute too.

  5. Mignonette: Yes, and with flats, no less!

    wonderocalypse: As a matter of fact I haven't, but I will now that you've mentioned it. Thanks!

    be.aoi: Ah, I love the two coat looks as well. Am already inspired to come up with similar coordinates!

    Mariko: The lavender dress and the one before it are elegant but also cute, with all the frills and drapes. I admit I love Marc Jacobs because he always injects elements of cuteness into everything....

  6. I'm always excited when a season is featuring pastel ruffles!