Thursday, November 18, 2010

Featured Brand: Auntie Rosa

Like its name suggests, the clothing by Japanese fashion label Auntie Rosa is feminine, incorporates lots of florals and draws inspiration from vintage designs.

It seems to me that mori girls will be incorporating lots of fur and knits into their outfits this winter. There is so much scope for layering and playing around with textures during the winter months.

More knits, stoles, vests and winter hats will be making an appearance as the temperature falls.

Check back soon as there's more to come this winter!

Image source: Auntie Rosa

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  1. i've neve heard from this brand but the clothes look so pretty. i like this cute, feminine and adult style. thank you for sharing this pics with us. i will check the homepage :)

  2. Waah *___*
    Looks like I just might've found my new favourite brand, thanks to you! ♥

    It has more of a "mori gyaru" look, which I like better than actual full-fledged mori girl~

  3. oh and I'd like to add you to my newly created blog's blogroll, I hope that's okay with you! :)
    (it's in Finnish at least for now tho...)

  4. Love it! There's something similar to Liz Lisa (the B) and something similar to Wonder Rocket (my favourite mori brand). I'd like italian clothes were frillier and less tight :(
    Wanna go shopping in japan (actually I did, but not enough!)

  5. Connys World: You're welcome. This brand isn't really targeted at mori girls per se, but does have elements that can be adapted to mori girl style.

    Eve: Yup, it's more of a high street sort of brand but still there's lots to inspire. And sure, I'd love to be added to your blogroll. :)

    Piperita Patty: Yes one of the things I love about mori girl fashion is the fact that it's "less tight". That sort of silhouette is a must for me these days.

  6. Oh how lovely clothing! I'll definitely keep my eye on this brand.


  7. I quite agree with this article!Thank you for your efforts!

  8. waiting for your more posts ! Love your blog & is one of my favourite !