Saturday, September 11, 2010

Featured Brand: Super Hakka

Super Hakka is a Japanese brand I've wanted to feature for a while, but I could never find a website with pictures to post here. The fashion label has been featured in many Japanese magazines such as Spoon, Soup and Pretty Style. Loose shapes and lightweight fabrics make their dresses and tops perfect for mori girls.

Don't you just love the print on the first dress? There are snowflakes on the fabric! The second dress is simple without being boring and is perfect for everyday wear.

The first dress has such a fairy-like print, while the second would look great paired with sandals for a day at the beach, or with brown boots for an urban adventure.

The second dress features carousel horses, while the first dress has an autumnal air.

This dress gives off the ethnic or bohemian vibe that some mori girls love, while the polka-dotted scarf is simple yet whimsical and goes with anything.

Mori girls like accessories that are as functional as they are quaint, and these boots and backpack can very reliably take any mori girl out of summer and into fall.

Image source: Stylife

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  1. This brand looks lovely♥ I really love the pack and boots - I think those two with the first dress under the brown plaid (unbuttoned)dress and scarf with some brown tights would make a lovely outfit.

  2. I love the dresses<3 Does this brand have an online shop?

  3. Anonymous: Totally! :)

    Sensible Obsessions: Yes, my favourite item here is the backpack!

    Jenn: I believe these items are available online at Stylife.

  4. Each dress looks lovely. I specially love the backpack. This brand is very cute, with a soft and delicate style! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the dresses and the bag OMG! love the color and the details of the dress, so anonymous! so sweet and refreshing to wear I think:0

  6. Hi.. these are really pretty dresses! I could see myself wearing one of these pretty dresses.. and the boots- I love it!

  7. All the dresses are so nice and decent, and the best part is that these long shirts can be wore with the jeans, and the trousers too. Also the accessories are nice and looking decent too. nice sharing

  8. Love the 2nd dress for it's simplicity and timeless feel! Thanks for posting:)

  9. Your blog is so nice, many inspiration.

  10. very beautiful and perfect for the weather of Autumn!!
    Too bad, that this brand has no website (can't order online!!) but at leat it's inspiring! ^^
    p.s.: very very nice blog!!

  11. Love, love, love all the clothes, very inspiring

  12. I love all the above dresses as everyone has its favourites mine is the first dress and the black t-shirt. Best Blogs

  13. Great stuff! I'm getting a kick out of reading blog.

  14. ♥Mishi à la mode♥: Glad you liked it!

    Victoria: Yes I love the backpack too. So useful when commuting by bike.

    Sofia: Thanks for visiting!

    healy: Yes, mori girl style is in general quite refreshing. :)

    Designer accessories: Thanks for reading.

    cheap kitchens: Good idea, thanks for reading.

    Paravionjapan: You're very welcome.

    Une Fée Citrouille: Thank you.

    Smokethorn: I'm sure you could recreate the looks with finds from where you live. Good luck!

    Aino: Glad you managed to find some inspiration!

    ronnie: Thanks for reading.

    Meagen: Haha, I'm glad you are.

  15. I absolutely love those boots! Do you know where I could buy them?

  16. You could try Rakuten or Japanese Yahoo Auctions.

  17. waiting for your more posts ! Love your blog & is one of my favourite !

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