Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Syrup Summer 2010 catalogue

A quick post--found these pictures in a random folder on my computer and wanted to share them before winter really and truly hits. Seems like it's been a strangely warm winter for many anyway.

I regret not spending much time outdoors this summer. It's been pretty cold and wet lately.

Sigh, I'm really missing beachy weather. I'm loving the bag in the second picture. It's perfect for bike riding!

As has been the case for quite a while, I've been finding the indoor pictures very charming indeed.

What are your plans this Christmas?

Image source: Felissimo

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Featured Brand: Syrup


  1. I have to say, Syrup is one of my favourite mori girl brands of all time. So simplistic, but with a real charm to the clothes.
    I've been pouring over their summer outfits, trying to get inspiration for the sunny season (Southern hemisphere girl here!).
    Christmas will involve lots of swimming, eating summer fruits and reading mori girl magazines!

  2. I'm excited to go home from university for Christmas. I'm getting sick of all the studying and labs and lack of sleep and sickness and GAH. Overload!

    These pictures are stunning. <3 I wish it were summer...

    - kyki xx


  3. I feel like I love the decor in these catalogs as much as I love the clothes. It's fairly minimal and clean while still being cute, I think.

    It's been a very warm winter so far and I'm glad for that! My plans for Christmas and Christmas season are to finish strong with classes, then work a lot and buy lots of gifts. Also, I'm in the market for lots of new furniture - a dresser, two bookshelves, a vanity, a few lamps, some floor cushions and lots of shelves for my knickknacks... I plan to scour local antique stores in the next few weeks!

  4. thanks for sharing .. please visit my back

  5. Wow! I just heard about Mori style today. I didn't quite understand what it was so I googled it and I stumbled upon your blog! I really like the delicacy of the style and I love your blog^^
    I think I',m going to try the style using this blog as a refernece

  6. I'm with Kam! Your blog was one the first to pop up when I searched the Mori style. I had no idea this style existed, and I think it's so lovely and delicate, quite unlike Lolita sometimes. And I've always been a fairy tale type of girl and the fashion reflects it.

    I look forward to following your blog! :)

  7. I'm going to make snowman with carrot-nose. We've already dressed Christmas tree in our classroom ;) It's cute. Winter in my country means tons of snow and low temperatures (today is -1C wow! it's so warm!;))
    I really evny you girls, because you're living in warmer places than me ;)

    I like the last picture. I have never seen sea, but I'm living near forest, so it's also good.

  8. Hello.
    First of all i want to say that i really love this blog! Big thank you for doing this :)

    Why i'm writing for... i want to consultate.
    I want to buy a perfume. But my nose can't smell properly.. I mean all kind of perfume smells nice to me, one smells in one way other one in other way but i cant really tell " omg i love this!" And i havent smelled anything suitible for mori girls. I think perfect parfume for me should be something that i would walked by and others would say "omg i fell like in the forest" or something ;))) (it sounds stupid) So You or any other girls visiting this page , maybe know something really naturan and good ??? That you could say: yeh this is reallly for mori girl?

    Thank you ;}
    Sorry for enlish its not my native :(

  9. Cath: Oh, do you live in Australia or New Zealand? Have a lovely warm winter! It's cold and rainy here, I miss the sun.

    kyki: I think I'm in a predicament similar to yours. Thank goodness the holidays are here.

    wonderocalypse: Oh I got a little excited to read that you're shopping for new furniture. I love decorating little spaces too.

    News Zone: You're welcome!

    Kam: How did you hear about mori girls? Well, enjoy trying out the style. It's very open to interpretation!

    CloudyKim: I think mori girl style tends to be much more laid back and casual than Lolita. There are many followers of the style who are also Lolitas; the childlike, whimsical nature of the two styles are similar in some ways.

    pigeon: Wow, you have a Christmas tree in the classroom? That sounds wonderful. Enjoy your white Christmas!

    Karolina: I think natural-smelling, subtle, slightly floral smells are suitable for mori girls. Lavender is a good choice. Although it's usually used in scents for men, I love sandalwood as well--it's really foresty.

  10. waiting for your more posts ! Love your blog & is one of my favourite !

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