Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mori girl interiors

Several months back, a Mori Girls Interior Magazine was published showcasing some truly lovely examples of mori girl-inspired interior design.

The key thing to remember when creating a mori girl-inspired interior is the subtle use of plants. A few stalks or a tiny bunch of flowers in shades such as yellow and cream, placed in simple glass vases or bottles, would be perfect.

Another thing to remember is to let in lots of natural light. So keep curtains light and airy. Large windows are always a plus.

While the look should be light and generally uncluttered, it's okay to make a bit of a mess here and there, especially when there are many things to be stored. Just use lots of shelves and drawers, preferably made of wood.

Let the quirky spirit of mori girls shine through with some well-placed decorative items and pictures.

Brighter colours can be used too if you prefer a bolder look.

Home is where you dream and cry, it's where you feel the most human.

Image source: Mori Girls Interior Magazine


  1. Everything is so simple and sweet! I loved them!!

  2. Still a few weeks I think " Humm I should go get me some plants". This post definitely told me " GO ! it just looks better with it."

    Thank you for sharing this sentance "Home is where you dream and cry, it's where you feel the most human. " It's so true.


  3. yout blog is so lovely and interesting! I like it :)

  4. Madrepérola: Glad you liked the pictures!

    Bonjour Johanna: I love having plants in the house too. A few small potted plants everywhere make a world of difference. And thank you for reading, I'm glad you found something to inspire you here. :)

    Miksu: Thank you very much for your kind words!

  5. Your blog is really an inspiration to me, I love knowing about various life styles (yes I think mori girl is a lifestyle not just a way to dress or decorate) and this post really has some great insights into a mori girl interior.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  6. monka: It is!

    Tashrin: Thank you for your encouraging words. It's great to hear other girls are finding inspiration in my posts and the mori girl lifestyle. :)

  7. Hello! I just run into your blog from tumblr...and this is so amazing!!! Everything is so creative and inspirational! This interior design is simply beautiful. You really inspired me with Mori Girls.May I ask if you reccomend any Mori Girls magazine/book? I really want to know more about it but I don't know where to look for. I really appreciate the help :) - Barbara

  8. Hi!!! Tu eres realmente exquisita!! very cute and cool!

  9. Hi! I want to thank you for your amazingly cute blog because you have inspired me in a subconscius way. How subconscius? I´m doing remake to my room and I found out that is so mori type and I remebered automatically your blog and the pictures XD Really thank you for your work :)
    In a couple of weeks I will post some pics of my remaked room!

  10. momographica: Hi Barbara, there is actually a Japanese magazine Papier that's dedicated to mori girls, and a series of Mori Girl Lesson magazines. Other Japanese magazines I would recommend are Spoon, Jille and Pretty Style.

    Evelyna Callegari: Thanks for the sweet compliment!

    Fran!: I'm glad you've found some inspiration! I honestly think that having a nice room that speaks to you in a personal way really makes life better. Good luck with yours!

  11. wow...this is totally cool...i never knew...about mori girl interiors...now i am off to research it...thanks bunches for sharing this! blessings..Eden

    1. You're welcome! Mori girl inspiration can be applied to anything.

  12. looks stunning!!
    very simple and relaxing :)

  13. nice


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    ✿ Mori Girl Kei (Traditional)
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    ✿ Yama Kei (Hiking/Rock Climbing)
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  21. I liked the design for being simple yet cozy. I have to agree with this, "Home is where you dream and cry, it's where you feel the most human"

  22. This design is very homeey! It's as if it came out straight from 80s Japanese movies! Just one thing to ask, isn't it Japanese are minimalist? I can see a lot of stuff in the pictures. Just kidding! :) Keep sharing!

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