Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yama Girls - cousins of the mori girls?

In the last two years, an emerging Japanese subculture has gained increasing popularity.

Meet the yama girls.

While mori girls identify with quiet lives in the forest, yama girls (or mountain girls) embrace the undulating majesty of mountain landscapes. Yama girls enjoy hiking and the great outdoors, and this is reflected in their clothing and accessory choices.

While mori girls are represented by the magazine Papier, the quintessential yama girl magazine is Randonnée.

Yama girl fashion places an emphasis on bright colours and functionality. Sturdy and comfortable hiking boots, tights, leggings and socks in a variety of colours and patterns, flannel and backpacks are key.

Yama girls have also popularised hiking in skirts, and several Japanese clothing labels have started selling hiking skirts to cater to the demand.

Of course, this also means that a variety of beautiful camping and hiking equipment including tents, mats and foldable chairs has now become available in Japan (click on the pictures for a closer look).

While this is a site about mori girls, I thought it would be appropriate to welcome our yama girl cousins.

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Image source: Randonnée