Saturday, November 28, 2009

SM2 Winter 2009

I posted about SM2 in autumn, and now they've come up with a brand new collection for winter.

This collection retains the brand's signature relaxed silhouettes and neutral tones while piling on heavier layers for the winter.

The earmuffs look so cosy, while the draping in the second picture is lovely and relaxed.

I especially love toggle coats like that in the first picture (in fact one of the coats that I wear most in winter is a long cream toggle coat). Because they're rather unisex and very functional, they're great for afternoon rambles and exploring.

Patterned tights like these are making a huge appearance this winter.


Once again, SM2 presents its designs in a rustic setting that is close to the hearts of all mori girls.

This label is so dreamy!

Image source: SM2

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Featured Brand: Sloe

While surfing through the Japanese mail order site Felissimo, I discovered Sloe, a label that's streetsmart yet sweetly geeky. I think most mori girls have an awkward, slightly nerdy and introspective side that could be channeled in a similar way.

Loose, amorphous silhouettes and autumm shades are given a contemporary twist. I love the parka in the first picture, the scarf in the second and those furry leg warmers in the third.

Love the way they layered the striped leggings under socks and boots in the first picture.

Those shoes are just perfect!

Image source: Felissimo

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Featured Brand: Wonder Rocket

Wonder Rocket stocks clothing and accessories that probably come closest to the typical mori girl look on Daikanyama streets. The aesthetic is generally quite frilly, feminine and predisposed to lighter shades and neutral tones.

It may be inspiring for some of you to check out the most popular conception of mori girl, though you shouldn't let it curb your own imagination as this is by no means the only interpretation of  mori girl.

Wonder Rocket has even dedicated a section specifically to mori girls! Here are some picks from the mori girl selection.

Typical mori girl street snapshots tend to feature lots of lace-like fabrics.

Loose dresses which have long been a staple of mori girls.

The navy dress with the lace collar is adorable, and the bolero is another mori girl favourite.

Winding scarves around the neck without letting the ends dangle has been cited as the mori girl's scarf-wearing method of choice, while the Russian-style furry hat very cosily captures the spirit of the chillier seasons.

Wonder Rocket can be a great choice if you're after the extremely textured, light coloured look that's appearing a lot on Japanese streets these days.

Image source: Wonder Rocket

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Syrup Winter 2009/2010 catalogue

Syrup, Felissimo's Scandinavian-inspired label, has come up with a new catalogue for Winter 2009/2010, and it just reinforces everything I love about this brand! They consistently produce the most beautiful catalogues and give us glimpses into these idyllic little worlds.

Syrup's last catalogue also featured a rustic setting reflecting the spirit of the mori girls. What adorable socks and tights!

I especially love these shots of a girl hanging out at home in a beautifully cosy-looking house. The first two looks are playful and casual, while the third look is wonderfully autumnal.

I just adore the outfits in the first picture. The colours, the prints, the silhouette--everything is perfect! The sweet pastels in the second and third pictures avoid looking sickeningly sweet with their loose, casual silhouettes.

Image source: Felissimo

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Featured Brand: Iedit

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for posting so infrequently the past few days. I can't use my MacBook at the moment, so please bear with me until it's back in a few days!

Iedit is from the same parent company as the wonderful Syrup. It offers down-to-earth solutions for girls who want to incorporate the layers and loose silhouettes of the mori girls into their everyday wardrobes.

Turtlenecks, a mori girl staple, layered under dresses and tops are a great look for winter.

I find skirts peeking out from under shorter hemlines particularly cute. This is a look that's become especially popular recently.

Easy and casual looks for lazy fall days. Plaid, lace, beanies, boots, tights--all mori girl favourites.

These individual pieces can be combined to create more ordinary looks, but can also be worked into outfits more characteristic of mori girls.

Image source: Felissimo

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomotomo September 2009 shoot

One of the shoots in the September issue of Tomotomo, a Japanese hairstyle magazine, featured clothing that I think other mori girls would enjoy. There was a childlike air to the models and styling that fit very well with the innocent aura of the mori girls.

The vintage-looking printed dress on the left makes the model look like an antique doll, while the model on the right looks very forest girl-like indeed.

The collar, buttoned up high, the bangs, not to mention the doll--all appeal to the mori girl's fondness for things she loved in childhood.

Lovely collar on a dress made of a wonderful checked fabric. Love the combination of pink and green.

Very vintage looking prints with the puffed sleeves that mori girls love.

This bobbed hairstyle with bangs is quite a typical mori girl look. The loaf of bread adds to the rustic feel. The dress reminds me of a sunny sky!

Hope you found these pictures inspiring. The models look so contemplative and sad, even.

Image source: Tomotomo

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