Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alice in Wonderland-themed Q-pot accessories

Some of you may have known for some time about Q-pot's Alice in Wonderland-themed accessories. I think Alice is a mori girl in her own right, with her insatiable curiosity and her army of offbeat acquaintances.

The Q-pot Spring/Summer 2010 range of Alice in Wonderland accessories centres on the Mad Hatter's tea party. Continuing Q-pot's fondness for accessories that reference all sorts of confectionery treats, the teacup, teapot and spoon are motifs that appear in the collection.

I am enamoured with the teacup ring on the left!

The necklaces in the first picture are strung with pendants shaped like teapots pouring tea.

Each of the major characters (not the Queen of Hearts though!) has a series of accessories dedicated to them. These Alice pendants make me wish my name was Alice too.

These rings and pendants pay homage to the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter.

The number 364 adorns the jewellery in the first picture. For those who need a refresher or just aren't that familiar with the story, the Mad Hatter's tea party celebrates the unbirthdays of all those present. Everybody has 364 unbirthdays a year--what better excuse for a celebration? The pocket watch on the right is a reference to the March Hare who is eternally convinced he's late.

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite children's tales, and I think it's whimsical and wonderful enough to be of interest to any mori girl.

Image source: Q-pot

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Featured Brand: Lepsim Lowrys Farm

Lepsim Lowrys Farm is an offshoot of popular Japanese streetwear brand Lowrys Farm. Their latest catalogue is moody and contemplative. While a bit darker than the cheery, quirky style that some mori girls sport, it is very autumnal and suited to the dark forest tones that most mori girls will feel an affinity for.

Ah, yet another appearance of the adorable toggle coat that has become increasingly popular in recent winters. These pictures make me feel like going on a woodland campout.

I love the lamps and the exploratory mood of the whole shoot.


Big scarves wound all the way around the neck like in the first picture are popular with mori girls. And the rustic atmosphere of the lodge in the countryside is quite inspiring.

Honestly, these clothes don't seem to be targeted particularly at mori girls. However, I think the photoshoot captures the richness of fall--the season that inspired mori girl style in the first place.

Image source: Lepsim Lowrys Farm

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Featured Brand: Par Avion

I'd like to apologise for my infrequent posts this month. I've been working quite hard and that has sadly caused me to neglect this blog. I promise I'll try to make time to update more regularly.

Choco's recent Mori Girl eMook featured the brand Par Avion (one of many Japanese brands with French names). The brand features lovely colour combinations, loose silhouettes and comfortable hemlines.

These looks are good examples of light layering suited to warmer climes.


Bolder looks which steer clear of the neutral tones that are currently popular amongst mori girls.

The skirt on the left is so adorable! It harks back to simpler times, and gives off a rustic, crafty vibe.

Will be posting more shortly!

Image source: Par Avion

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