Friday, March 26, 2010

SM2 Spring 2010

Japanese brand SM2 is loved by mori girls everywhere. The brand's image closely echoes mori girls' chosen lifestyle, with its soothing images and rustic settings.

SM2's Spring 2010 collection is a subtle departure from the outdoorsy vibe present in its 2009 collections. The pictures in the latest catalogue create a more demure and domestic atmosphere.

Instead of exploring the great outdoors, the SM2 girl now settles down in a home filled with quaint furniture. Instead of picking apples outside, this season the SM2 girl bakes bread indoors.

The collection is characterised by SM2's signature loose silhouettes, this time in pale, creamy shades and accented with patterned socks and scarves.

I really love those sandals the model is wearing. This SM2 collection strikes me as much sweeter than the previous one. What do you think?

Image source: SM2

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Fudge February 2010 shoot

Just thought I'd share these photographs from the February issue of Japanese fashion magazine Fudge, which is popular with mori girls. These pictures give off a very quaint vibe. The offbeat accessories, layers, innocent-looking tights and the model's slightly geeky vibe make these images something mori girls may be able to relate to.

I am liking that checked jacket! The matryoshka dolls and cards also add to that Alice in Wonderland-like feel that's been everywhere of late.

Image source: Fudge

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Featured Brand: Sally Scott

Part of the charm of the mori girl lifestyle is that it offers a quiet brand of escapism. And there are few things more appealing to would-be escape artists than an imaginary life. Akira Minagawa's fashion label Sally Scott offers just that.

Sally Scott's brand concept revolves around the life of the imaginary girl (lives in Ohio, no dogs, two cats) after whom the brand is named. Of course, this means the label's catalogue is filled with charming images of a quiet little life many mori girls would aspire to.

Of course, Sally Scott would have to be immersed in a vintage-inspired environment careful not to be too cloying and sweet but cosy nonetheless.

She is frequently seen around rabbits and cats that possess strangely human qualities.

Needless to say, Sally Scott participates in all manner of quaint recreational activity, from blowing bubbles to bicycling.

And as any full-fledged mori girl would tell you, life imaginary or otherwise would not be complete without a few long walks through some foliage.

Sally Scott manages to do all this all the while clad in sixties-inspired frocks, pretty printed skirts and cute collared blouses.

A charmed life indeed.

Image source: Sally Scott

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-To-Wear

When I first became interested in fashion during my teenage years, Marc Jacobs was my favourite designer. I still have a soft spot for his label mainly because, even in its more serious collections, it always manages to maintain an air of youthfulness.

The Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-To-Wear collection not only retains the loose, slightly awkward silhouettes that characterise the brand's clothing, but also uses a light springtime palette that mori girls will love.

The first dress just smells of spring and looks adorable layered with the collared shirt, while the second polka-dotted dress is really cute and has layering potential too.

The first dress is an unusual spin on the well-loved checked dress. The hairstyle on the model in the second picture reminds me of Hagu from Honey and Clover.

These lovely long dresses are very suited to mori girl style.

I love the way the dresses seem to burst forth from the coats like budding flowers. 

That last dress is beautiful and ethereal, but still manages to maintain an air of innocence, especially when paired with flat sandals instead of heels.  I really love the idea of pairing beautiful dresses with flats.

Image source: Marc Jacobs