Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cath Kidson accessories for serious items

Mori girls often feel a bit anachronistic, stuck in a time and place that doesn't quite match what's immediately around them. I sometimes feel a little strange trying to shop for things like laptop sleeves and business card holders. They seem so boring and serious. British brand Cath Kidson's charming vintage-inspired prints lend a bit of cheer to such items. I especially like those made of polka-dotted material. Polka-dots are a favourite of mori girls too. It's just a pity there's nothing in candy or animal prints! I'm sure many mori girls will go one step further and make their own.

Business card holder and spectacle case in vintage florals.


Business card holder and cell phone case. This is my favourite print of all those featured on the website (I've always loved white polkadots against navy). They have Blackberry cases too, for the more technologically-inclined mori girl.


Laptop sleeve and gadget case.  I myself use a laptop sleeve (though not from Cath Kidson) rather than a laptop bag. I just zip my laptop into its sleeve and toss it into my bag. It seems easier than carrying around a laptop bag.

Image source: Cath Kidson

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  1. something simple but cute, any girl in the town want one of this, bu the way, do you know where I can buy one, my girl is one of who want one jajajaja.