Saturday, February 13, 2010

Featured Brand: Mother

Japanese brand Mother has a somewhat odd name. The word 'mother' brings to mind maternity clothing, or accessories for toddlers. Once you understand the concept behind Mother, however, you'll realise its name is really quite apt. The brand's clothing can be likened to treasures salvaged from mothers' closets, feminine and timeless pieces to be handed down to the next generation.


Vintage-inspired floral prints give a whiff of sweetness and elegance.


Softly-shaped dresses with gentle floral motifs.


These looks come close to the styling of more folkloric or ethnic-inspired mori girls.


Roomy scarves and a bohemian, nomadic vibe are well-suited to more adventurous mori girls.


Vintage-inspired florals transform these boots and skirt into the stuff old fairytales are made of.

Image source: Mother

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  1. I love Merii! The picture of her with the white roses is exquisite.

  2. I love the rose motif that's everywhere in this collection. Gives the designs a musty, historical feel.

  3. When I read that the name of the brand was mother, I thought of mother nature instead of the maternal figure. But I really like your idea that it holds resemblance to the clothing that could be found in a mother's closet.

  4. That's an interesting perspective. I didn't think of it much as pertaining to Mother Nature because it seemed more inspired by the antique than nature to me. :)

  5. What a beautiful images what I like is the way those beautiful Asian women are posing, because I can feel a special feeling, I think they're really nostalgic.

  6. You looks great in the second picture. where you are in front of the mirror with white roses around the mirror and one in your hair.