Monday, February 15, 2010

Topshop dresses

Topshop is a high street brand I've never directly associated with mori girl style. But with the popularity of vintage-inspired fashion in the last few years, most mainstream shops have come up with vintage-inspired dresses that mori girls may like.

One thing I noticed in a lot of the dresses currently selling at Topshop is the generous use of neutral tones favoured by 'classic' mori girls in Japan.


The first dress could be incorporated into a layered outfit, while the second dress has a very cute silhouette.

Prints such as vintage florals and checks are used quite copiously these days in high street stores. I actually really love the dress on the left. The pockets and loose shape are just right, and it has quite a Japanese aesthetic that brings to mind brands like Muji.

I had to save my favourite dresses for last. I am head over heels in love with the first dress especially. The colour, the cut, the embroidery--everything is just right.

While most mori girls have a love of authentic vintage clothing and thrifting, I can't deny that it's sometimes nice to be able to walk into high street shops and be surrounded by things I love.

Image source: Topshop


  1. I love it all, specially the 3rd one!
    mori girl and granny chic too ; )

  2. They're all cute. I think my fave is the checked dress!

  3. grossomodo: Yes, it's sooo cute, though I can't say I've ever seen actual grannies in something like that. :)

    The Hausfrau: It's my favourite after the peach one!

    Roberta Jane: It seems pretty popular here doesn't it?

  4. a great selection of dresses! love them all! my fav are the last 2 <3

  5. They're lovely aren't they? Such cute silhouettes!

  6. This is top stuff. Thank you SO much for uploading this. I've been searching for this kind of dress , because I hope my daughter will look beautiful with one of this dress!