Friday, April 16, 2010

Wonder Rocket Spring 2010

I was browsing through the Wonder Rocket website and noticed their clothes were completely different from what I saw the last time I was there, so I thought I'd give them another mention. Many cute coordinates as usual!

I really like the second outfit. The loose tshirt and skirt combo avoids looking sloppy because of the intricate graphic and cheery sky-blue. And I'm sure many mori girls have worn tiered or ruffled dresses over long sleeved tops as in the first picture.

These dresses are ultra-feminine. I suggest giving these dresses a little structure by wearing them with boots.

The first dress is quite ethereal, while I love the colours in the second outfit!

The dress in the first picture is my favourite dress in the collection. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, though it's actually supposed to be grey not blue.

These skirts are delightfully fairy-like and remind me a little of ballerinas too. I've got a few dresses with similar skirts and have been told that they remind some people of the fairy dresses they wore when they were children.

Image source: Wonder Rocket

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  1. Cute clothes. So sweet. I love mori girls. Amazing blog!!!!

  2. The last three skirts are perfect! I especially love the skirt below the *alice style dress* it is just so dreamy - with the socks and shoes the model is wearing...


  3. I really love the second from last outfit, this is something that could be quite achievable for me, I have a very similar skirt to this already and all I would need is a pair of white leggings. Thanks for posting these pics.

  4. Hi! I'm dying to get my hands on some of the Wonder Rocket stuff, but I live in Europe and don't understand a word Japanese. I read your blog religiously but there's no such thing as mori style where I live. Do you have any idea if there are online shops where one can buy some of the lovely things you post about when you live overseas? Especially Wonder Rocket! Thanks so much for a wonderful blog!!

  5. Love this style! It is so hard to find nice blogs featuring the Mori Girl look so thanks for keeping us updated!

    I linked your blog on my weekly wrapup as the place to go for Mori Girl info. Hope you don`t mind!

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo

  6. Oooooooh! I found your blog, and now it lives in my heart!

  7. I actually have 2 dresses from here!!! Oh I love them so!! Thank you for reminding me what the name of this place is.

  8. ugh, such cute items I can never have >_< lol. You're blog is awesome btw! <3

  9. hi, I love your blog! I was not aware of the Mori girl style until yesterday, but now I am a big fan of it!

  10. Just found your blog and I am impressed. The Mori Girls show a great taste of style. I love the Wonder Rocket pieces, especially the skirts. My favorit: the blue skirt with the two different sides. I really would like to have some WR clothes, but 1. I dont understand japanese to order at the Online Shop and 2. I'm living in Brazil, the shipping costs must be enormous. But at least I can enjoy the pictures. Thanks! :D
    I will include your fantastic blog, with this adorable and creative name, in my regular reads. Keep it up! xoxo

  11. WOw, you've done a great job with this blog!

  12. So nice dresses.
    Greetings from Norway..
    Please visit my blog :)

  13. Madrepérola: Glad you feel that way. You can become a mori girl too!

    Mignonette: Ah yes the 'Alice' dress. I'm attracted to everything Alice these days....

    Helbells: You're welcome. :)

    Honey: You could try Japanese Yahoo Auctions. There are people selling Wonder Rocket stuff, as well as other brands such as SM2. Good luck! :)

    HANA: Of course I don't mind, in fact I'm delighted at the link! Thank you! :)

    Anna: Thank you, that's a lovely place to be. :)

    Old Cow: Haha, you're welcome!

    tokyosista: Maybe one day.... And thanks for the compliment!

    Scawageour: I'm glad you've discovered the style. Have fun with it! Thank you for your encouraging comments, keep reading! :)

    Julie Alvarez: That's sweet of you, thanks!

    Sandra: Agreed, I love the creativity that goes into mori girl styling.

    Cecilie: Thanks!

  14. Hi,

    I really love this brand, I would like to buy some clothes from this brand.
    Does it export?
    Where can I find a shoppingservice with low cost which would allow me to buy there?
    Thanks before.

    Thank you for all your posts in this beautiful blog.

  15. I'm not sure if they export but I doubt so. You'd have to use a shipping service like Danke Danke (, or look for Wonder Rocket stuff on Japanese Yahoo Auctions.

    And you're welcome! :)

  16. Mori Girl blog is a phenomenal in fashion world. When I search for fashion I always find this site. I know why, because all of the fashion items that is been posted in this blog is just so gorgeous and one of a kind.

  17. this is going to be my new favorite mori brand :) because it is so feminine...all that lace, I am in love!

    it's so good to find another mori brand, because I know mostly "lolita" style brands, but my style is a mix of both: