Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland-themed shoot in Kera May 2010

Just thought I'd share these pictures from the latest issue of Kera. Alice in Wonderland looks set to be a huge trend this year, and is particularly relevant to those into lolita and mori girl fashion. Alice-inspired fashion is sweet and feminine, but not too delicate for adventuresome sorts, and successfully captures the childlike spirit of exploration and curiosity that appeals to mori girls.

I think the third picture captures the spirit of Alice best. The boater hat and the baby blue skirt (light blue has been designated as Alice's official colour ever since the Disney's incarnation), with Alice perched on the edge of the rabbit hole, make me wonder what's on the other side of that tunnel.

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  1. so sweet! I love the softness of the photos, and the alice theme ;)

  2. It is a dreamy shoot... I love all the vintage toys around - and the colours are so warm and nostalgic.


  3. lovely! Alice's sense of curiosity an adventure is certainly appealing.

  4. i love it! and i love your blog to, keep it up :)


  5. These photos are beautiful, so many lovely details.

  6. ohh i like the room she's actually in plus the boater hat!

  7. Nice! I like the skirt and the room! Really imitates Alice's clothes! Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures!

  8. Nicole Smith: Yes there is indeed a 'soft' aura, I attribute to the model's winsome face....

    insertcake: Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

    Mignonette: Yes, nostalgia and childhood are to me one of the key attractions of mori girl fashion. :)

    Paige: Yes that's why she's my favourite fairytale heronies by far!

    Anonymous: Thank you, I will continue writing! :)

    Tash: Glad you liked them!

    Kimberly: Yes I've been seeing these lovely boater hats everywhere lately! And the sets in these Japanese magazines are always so inspiring.

    Kay | Print Posters: You're very welcome! :)

  9. That blue skirt you mentioned as liking in the third image appears to actually be one from Baby The Stars Shine Bright( judging from the print, at least). Just thought I'd give you a head's up as a fellow Alice in Wonderland lover. :)

  10. ^ I think you're right.
    It looks very much like the dress here: