Sunday, April 11, 2010

Featured Brand: Olive des Olive

Spring has officially arrived, and the loose, casual silhouette that more and more Japanese labels are adopting these days is perfect for breezy spring mornings. Olive des Olive is one such brand.

I'm seeing these floaty little floral skirts and shorts everywhere this spring. Very cute when paired with loose tops, tucked in or out!

Now that the weather is warmer, I forsee many mori girls turning away from boots to clogs and sandals. Biking and picnics are also two activities I am determined to enjoy more this spring/summer!

Some cute coordinates on the website. Don't be sad that autumn is over. Enjoy spring while it lasts!

Image source: Olive des Olive

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  1. I love these outfits and I did not know the brand.

  2. I like the structure some of the layered ensembles have, although I wonder if anyone over the age of 15 and busty could get away with the last dress! ^_^

    It would be nice to see more Mori styles that grown women can wear that are age appropriate, suit all sorts of body types, and are still faithful to the aesthetic.

  3. I like the first few up until the bike! They're so cute!! I own trench myself, but I can't quite put it together as a casual outfit, I always look so dressy....maybe I need a few more pieces.

  4. wow! gorgeous! love all of these looks! xx

  5. I don't see what's wrong with these clothes for women of any age. They're youthful, feminine, and cute! The aesthetic is loose, light, and balanced so I think it's easily adapted to any body type. Just remember cute hats and accessories ♥

    Thanks for posting this, I've been trying to work out new Spring outfits.

  6. Lovely.... as usual.

    I love to wear boots all year round! I cannot help it... boots are just too perfect for every season. <3

  7. I love your blog!!! Love reading it, it's so cute and I enjoy to much reading it^^ I love Mori Girl's lifestyle and I want to practise it in my city, in my country^^

    I'll follow you!!! Kisses =D

  8. I love this selection much better, especially the coat and overall looks in 2nd photo. Mori Girl debuted sale in Kuala Lumpur recently for Isetan Japan Fair.

  9. Saffron Panda: Hmm, I think SM2 ( has a slightly more grown up aesthetic but is still quite characteristically mori girl.

    Moca James Chbosky: Oh I have that problem with trenches sometimes too; I find that shorter trenches in a less stiff material tend to look more casual though.

    bianca: Glad you've enjoyed reading!

    wonderocalypse: I love that you said that; I'd love to see more women older than I am wearing cute silhouettes, prints and accessories like many do in Japan. And you're welcome! :)

    Mignonette: I miss my boots terribly when it gets warm... unfortunately it gets up to 35 degrees Celcius here!

    ichirinnohana_is: Thank you very much! :) Hope it gives you some inspiration!

    stuttershutter: Wow! Mori girl in Kuala Lumpur? I wish I'd been there!