Thursday, May 20, 2010

Featured Brand: W Closet

After seeing their lovely ads in several Japanese magazines, I decided to check out W Closet's clothes, and I wasn't disappointed. W Closet retains a laid-back, almost earthy aesthetic while keeping its designs up-to-date and on-trend. Lots of styling ideas here!


The boater hat has now established itself as a common sight on Japanese streets, as well as in the wardrobe of many a mori girl. Collared shirts, tied at the waist or just worn loose and unbuttoned, are a great way to incorporate layers into spring and summer outfits.

The first picture features one of my favourite articles of clothing for layering at the moment: the amorphous cropped tshirt. Great for wearing over long, printed dresses or anything with a high waist!

As feminine as mori girl fashion tends to be, I like to believe that the loose layers and high necklines lend an air of androgyny to the style. The menswear- (or, more accurately, boyswear-) inspired coordinates above are absolutely adorable. I particularly love the sailor shirt paired with sloppily rolled up trouser legs.

While their individual pieces aren't as intricate as those of many other brands, W Closet's styling is refreshingly down to earth and very achievable.

Image source: Rakuten

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  1. sweet pictures.
    really loving the boater hats <3

  2. Hi there! really adore all the beautiful pictures you have posted, they are really goregous :) and i finally get to know more about Yu Aoi whom i really love in 'Hana and Alice'

  3. I just got the best dress from here, such a good price and really lovely.

  4. Tash: Me too. Favourite accessory this spring! :)

    Duan 立山而: I'm glad you saw that film too! You can check out my other posts on Yu Aoi as well.

    Christina: Ooh you're so lucky! What sort of dress was it?

  5. the one with layered dress and stripped top on top looks really cute. i want them all !!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS BLOG. Totally following.

    - xo, kyki ♥

  7. i love the sailor top!! great blog! : )

  8. Sumo: Me too, at times like this I feel like I want everything, a dangerous feeling!

    kyki: Thank you! :)

    dani: I'm in love with the sailor top too, reminds me of the APC sailor tops that came out a few years back.

  9. I am in love with those dresses. . .so fab and I think it's very comfortable to wear.

  10. Yup the loose silhouettes are both comfortable and cute.

  11. It's all about my passion: fashion and designs. I think we can't ignore the way like you posted this models and their individual pieces.