Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yu Aoi in Anan

Just thought I'd share another photoshoot featuring Aoi Yu, this time from Japanese magazine Anan. It seems like her star has really risen alongside the increasing popularity of the mori girl aesthetic.

What sweet outfits! I love the relaxed yet tidy proportions.

The relaxed-fit clothing Yu Aoi is frequently seen in suits her perfectly. Even though these outfits can't be described as baggy by any measure, they retain a breezy, comfortable feel.

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  1. love her!! she is incredibly beautiful

  2. aww I'm a new fan of your blog! love love looove mori girl's styles! ^^

  3. Thanks so much for the scans; Aoi Yuu is as gorgeous as ever<3

  4. I love how relaxed these looks are!

    Just saw Yu Aoi in the movie "Otouto" :)

  5. I love that it is laid back without looking sloppy. so nice.

  6. Those clothes are so cute and relaxing! And I do love Aoi Yu, she's a rare natural Japanese beauty and such a great actress. Your blog is nice btw :D

  7. Lovely blog!Following you, follow me too?
    "fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

  8. the last dress is to die for!! love the white shoes with peach flower!

    xx Sara

  9. oh gosh how lovely.

  10. AHHHHHHHH!!! ADDICT of mori gurls!!! addict to your blog!!!! :DDDD


  11. All those dress are gorgeous. She wore it well and she shows the beauty of those dresses. I can tell that those dresses are comfortable to wear. I am sure that my wife will going to like those.

  12. be.aoi: Agreed. She is my favourite actress.

    tealovecoffee: Thank you! Glad you're enjoying reading! :)

    skyscope: Yes I find her so inspiring.

    Cookie Cutter: Ooh how was it?

    Scawageour: I know what you mean, despite the relaxed silhouette the lines are clean and the quality of the fabrics looks great.

    Maroo: Yes, she's so natural looking, she never looks like she has any makeup on and her hair is always tousled.

    Barbora: Thank you, I'll check out your blog.

    Sara: Yup, sweet!

    Greer: Yes, sigh.

    kbezona: Haha, thanks for your explosive response. :)

    dining table: I'm sure she will!

  13. Another useful post. You keep churning out some good info!

  14. love those smiles. Your so hip and pretty. . .stay fab!

  15. Olivia - Dress: Thanks.

    healy: Haha yes Yu Aoi is my favourite actress.

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