Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Featured Brand: Franche Lippee

I was looking through some Japanese magazines the other day when I chanced upon an ad for Franche Lippee. Intrigued, I searched for their website and was delighted to find yet another brand mori girls would like. The clothes look like something a little girl exploring the forest would wear, crunching through piles of autumn leaves in the middle of fall.

Many of you are preparing yourselves for winter, and these adorable coats would make it a little bit warmer and a whole lot sweeter!

The A-line, loose and unfitted cutting of these coats as well as the cute collars make them extremely childlike.

These coats are quite special. The vermilion coat would brighten up a cold winter's day, while the furry sleeves and brass buttons on the black one make it more interesting than your average black coat.

Of course, no mori girl's wardrobe is complete without loose tops. These are too adorable for words!

Sweater dresses to wear with boots, patterned tights and a knitted hat with ear flaps.

The fabrics look so warm and comfy. The pinafore would go well with a turtleneck.

This has to be one of the cutest brands I've discovered so far. See how many times I used the word 'cute' in this post!

Image source: Franche Lippee

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  1. Wow...love those coats!! Too cute..but I don't think I can wear those in Singapore.Too hot!

  2. Hi, I just came across both of your blogs and just went through the whole thing! I have never heard of "mori girls" before, but can relate to your description of them as it's how I'd like to live. I don't have any friends with similar aesthetic as your blogs do, so it's nice to see a whole collection of brands/clothes together.

    Also, I really love that second coat and the grey skirt!

  3. Josephine: I feel your pain. It's summer here and too hot for anything of the sort too!

    Sara: Glad you think so! This blog is aspirational for me in a way too as I'm writing about the lifestyle I'm aiming for.

  4. it seems to be such a beautiful brand ^^... colours are so cute and forms special!

  5. Yup it's one of my favourite discoveries so far!

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