Monday, July 26, 2010

SM2 Summer 2010

Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I feature Japanese brand SM2 every season. I think SM2 has a truly mori girl-style concept. I love checking out their interpretations of each season. This season, SM2 paints an idyllic picture of a gentle warm summer.

This time, we're uprooted from the temperate climate that SM2 clothes are usually associated with and relocated to the tropics. Making an appearance once again are sturdy sandals (see more here and here) and boyfriend jeans, this time accompanied by lightweight scarves and overalls.

Instead of sweating it out in the heat and humidity we usually associate with tropical climates, the SM2 girl seems to be enjoying comfortably moderate sunshine and a cool breeze.

The mori girl interpretaton of summer seems to involve keeping as cool as possible, perhaps by going out in the morning or evening rather than in the blazing hot afternoons, and never forgetting your hat.

I somehow really love pictures of people reading. I also really love her white blouse. It's simple and pretty and the fabric looks wonderfully light.

One of the life's best experiences is taking a nap outside in the sun after a long walk outside.

Image source: SM2

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  1. Really sweet photos, number five is just lovely :) really liking the clothes!

  2. So pretty! Love the white blouse.

    - xo, kyki ♥

  3. I love summer photos! I love that white blouse too, simple and sweet :)

  4. That is a true summer photos. I love your photo from the first to the last. You look so gorgeous in all the photos that you post. I love the place. It is a perfect place for summer.

  5. i wonder where this photoshoot was taken? i looks a bit like hawaii :-)

  6. ergyerg: Oh yes, the collar in number five is my favourite thing about this collection.

    kyki: It makes summer seem a little cooler temperature-wise....

    Luchie: Same here!

    dining room tables: Unfortunately, that isn't me, but she does look very nice as always.

    Make it Easy: I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. If it looks like that then I'm missing out!

  7. Oh I like mori girls style. You have very interesting blog. And photos? I love it! ♥

  8. Hey, I want to recommend the Taiwanese brand a la sha if you didn't know about it already. Its designs are whimsical and fun in its use of colour and texture with a definite mori girl flavour. It's been around for almost 10 years now. Here's their website.

  9. Love your blog,and Mori style!(it's like mine style too...):)
    Just wanna say if you put something different than mori-clothes will be more beautyfull:)don't you think?Like music,make up,and so on...let me know what you think


  10. love all your posts :)

  11. Hej ;-)

    Just came across your blog. Love your photos and you style! Will now be following you!

    Hugs from
    A Shopaholic is loose...

    "Drop by anytime..." ;-)

  12. really beautiful images and clothes

  13. so dreamy & pretty! love your blog! i blog about asian related fashion and i'm happy to find your special blog!

  14. I follow you from now on! Great photos!

  15. Your blog is the only I know about mori girl and I like it !! Thank you !

  16. Midori: Thank you! I wish I could claim credit for the photos but they're the result of the hard work of designers/photographers/models.

    shiro: Oh, thank you! Their website is adorable!

    LadyNoir: Yes, I would love to work on other aspects of the mori girl lifestyle. I will try to when I have the time. :) I have written a few articles on "stuff mori girls like" if you're interested.

    Sumo Dewan: Why, thank you!

    A Shopaholic is loose: Thank you kindly! :)

    Duermevela: I love them too. Glad you enjoyed them!

    5amjetaime: Thank you! :)

    Bola: Agreed! I love SM2.

    The House of Lisa: Thank you, keep reading! :)

    Asahi: You're very welcome! :)

  17. I'm falling in love with the Mori girl style... Sigh..

    Much love from Carrie Hadley at Shelikesforests ^-^

  18. I just found your blog recently and I must say I am in love! Supper Hakka has nice clothes...but expensive! :D I am just getting into mori girl right now and not sure if I am "doing it right" or not. :-S

  19. you're so pretty, love the outfits. . .Love your blog, I indeed :)

  20. Zombie Fanatic: Good, come join us as mori girls! :)

    Kate: Yes, many of these brands aren't cheap, but you can capture their spirit with thrift store finds and other clothing. It's all in the way you put things together. Have fun!

    healy: That's not me, but yes she is lovely.

  21. You so pretty and nice dress, I like it.

  22. these are really cool pictures! i love the mood captured in them! its inspiring

  23. Hi! I'm blogger from Indonesia. I love Mori Girl style and interesting about SM2 collections. Can you tell me how can I see more collections of SM2 or any brand that related to Mori Girl style? Or can you tell me their oficially website? Thank you :)

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