Friday, December 17, 2010

SM2 Winter 2010

I hope all of you are having a good winter and/or Christmas season. In anticipation of winter, many of the mori girls' favourite clothing labels have produced fashion spreads shot in Europe. Scandinavia is often cited as the textbook definition of the mori girl's dream destination.

So it's no surprise that SM2, a Japanese label that is by now a firm favourite of many mori girls, has travelled to Sweden for the winter.

Cycling to the bakery with backpack in tow followed by an hour or two at the library is many mori girls' idea of a perfect day.

Just like last winter, practical and cute duffle coats are the outerwear of choice. Other cold weather options include padded jackets, shawls and knits, to be paired with all manner of socks, stockings and tights. Layering is a mori girl's best friend.

SM2 sticks with its customary earthy, neutral palette, playing around with texture to keep things interesting.

Have a lovely winter.

Image source: SM2

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  1. Ooooh love love love, and need to buy a new coat!

  2. Wow, very cute. I love the coats and mittens.

  3. I definitely need to buy a new coat! It's time ^_^

  4. CloudyKim: Yes, the mittens... reminds me so much of childhood days.

    Anonymous: Get a good quality one so you can use it for many winters!

    Amy: They are, aren't they?

  5. adam
    how are you

  6. Mori girls love nice round rosy cheeks. Or you can opt for a natural looking cheek..

  7. Anonymous: Hi Adam!

    Used dozer auction: Yes, rosy or natural is the favoured look! :)

  8. Dolly Kei / Mori Girl Fashion on EBAY:

  9. Do you know what the name of the model is? She's so pretty! ^^