Friday, March 26, 2010

Fudge February 2010 shoot

Just thought I'd share these photographs from the February issue of Japanese fashion magazine Fudge, which is popular with mori girls. These pictures give off a very quaint vibe. The offbeat accessories, layers, innocent-looking tights and the model's slightly geeky vibe make these images something mori girls may be able to relate to.

I am liking that checked jacket! The matryoshka dolls and cards also add to that Alice in Wonderland-like feel that's been everywhere of late.

Image source: Fudge

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  1. I got a blue and white checked jacket from a japanese brand that I've been dieing to wear.
    This gave me the inspiration ive needed to wear it.
    Thank you!!

    Peace Love && Lipstick

  2. If it looks anything like the jacket here, I'd say I'd be quite envious! Glad you found the pictures inspiring! :)

  3. love these! thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the second photo... that jacket is lovely!

  5. Cute photos. I've always wondered how one volumes the end portion of hair though. That hairstyle is cute!

  6. Paige: You're welcome, glad you enjoyed the post!

    Mignonette: I love the babushka dolls in that picture even more! :)

    Buki: Hmm, I'm guessing you need to have a blunt cut first to create volume. Then just blow dry with a round-barreled brush.

  7. Someone tell me who the jacket is by in the second picture ? I must find it!!

  8. Hello!
    I have discovered today your blog and I love your blog.
    I follow you though my english is bad...



  9. What a lovely post this girl looks like my little daughter, I wonder if she can be a good Mori girl.

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