Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Featured Brand: Colkinikha

I discovered Colkinikha while looking through one of the mori girl mooks. It appears to be yet another Japanese brand with a vaguely European-sounding name. Although it's winter now, it was Colkinikha's Spring/Summer collection that caught my eye.

The collection features light fabrics and floaty, dreamy silhouettes. Will this create a less heavy mori girl aesthetic next year when the temperature rises?

By now, it is clear that booties, often anchoring light and unstructured dresses, are the mori girl's footwear of choice. I love the idea of using a cord as a belt as well. It treads the thin line between shapelessness and structure.

The model's hairstyle and earrings help to soften these outfits.

Image source: Colkinikha

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  1. WOW! This brand is so interesting. It'll be my favourite with syrup because colours are soft and clothes are cute.

  2. i agree, style so feminine, colours are so soft.

  3. yesss! they also make music & have a band under the same name. i love their collections. i've been trying to see if you could buy their clothing outside of Japan. no luck so far.

  4. Raphaelle: Yup, it's sweet like Syrup but more grown up and feminine.

    smartchic: Thanks for reading!

    lsa: Gosh I had Coltemonikha on my iTunes playlist but never made the connection until you brought this up! The names are so similar. Cool!

    Ellie: Heh too much for you huh.

  5. nice article......maybe soooooo sweet!!!!!!!

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