Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Featured Brand: A.P.C.

While French label A.P.C. hasn't been mentioned in connection with mori girls so far, I've been in love with it for quite a while and can't help but think that its clean lines, simple silhouettes and earthy tones are very suited to mori girls' wardrobes.

Their Autumn/Winter 2010 collection features a subdued, earthy palette and a liberal use of checked prints. A.P.C. loves checked and floral prints, though the latter usually appears more often in its Spring/Summer collections. Love the subtle use of layers and the straight (rather than form-fitting) shapes.


Their little dresses and skirts are feminine in a rather boyish way, cute but not cloying, in the same way mori girls avoid trying to be too cute or sexy. Also take note of the low boots and sandals worn with socks or leggings, which remind me of Funkis.


Their Madras range of more summery clothes is really cute and casual without being fussy. Floral prints in neutral tones, vintage-looking pochettes, socks in earthy colours and organic-looking footwear--all hallmarks of the mori girl.

Image source: A.P.C.


  1. Such a cute brand! Moreover it's mature too!

  2. To me, A.P.C. is quite childlike but not at all cutesy or cloying. Love it! :)

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