Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birkenstock Sandals and Clogs

So, many photo shoots featuring mori girl or natural kei style have featured clogs and sandals made of natural materials like leather and wood. Syrup's catologue and feature in Spoon featured this adorable pair of maroon clogs that I've fallen in love with. I never thought I'd ever start liking closed toed clogs until discovering mori girl style! A.P.C. has also come up with some cute sandals, and there are also Funkis sandals from Sweden.

I'm sure almost everybody is familiar with the German brand Birkenstock. I've actually owned a pair of their sandals for years but haven't worn them much. Birkenstock makes sandals and clogs that are a bit hippie-ish and can be transplanted quite comfortably to the mori girl's wardrobe. Speaking of which, there seem to be hippie influences in mori girl style, but I digress.

The Boston is a basic clog that would look cute with baggy dresses and smocks. It comes in a variety of colours and materials like leather, suede and felt.

The Birkis Maria is a rustic take on the classic Mary Jane.

Cute sandals for the summer.

Birkenstocks have soles that mould to your feet, and best of all they last pretty much forever.


Created my first set on Polyvore to share some ideas on how to wear Birkenstocks.

Image source: Birkenstock

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  1. It's so great that mori girl aesthetic has opened this new point of view from where Birkenstocks look really cute. I'm quite tempted to get those Maria maryjanes.

  2. Yes, I couldn't believe it when I found myself liking them either! In fact, I'm starting to see potential in many things I didn't think much of before.

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