Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yu Aoi in Spoon

Japanese magazine Spoon released two issues on mori girls featuring Yu Aoi (蒼井優), who has been hailed as the poster girl for mori girls.

Doesn't she look so cosy under all those layers? Notice the loose, even baggy silhouette, contributing to the rather asexual aura of the mori girl.

A very Victorian-looking outfit.  Yu looks like she's about to attend a tea party in the middle of the forest.


I think Yu encapsulates the mori girl flavour perfectly. I've always loved her unpretentious natural beauty, and her quirky style and film choices make her a bit of an anti-heroine.

Despite the greenery in the pictures, most mori girls like us actually live in more urban surroundings. There are, however, ways to find little pockets of nature in the city, and cities themselves have their own charm. We'll talk about that another time....

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  1. She looks like an elf in the picture with a staff in the middle of forest.

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