Sunday, October 11, 2009

Featured Brand: Syrup

The Japanese mail order brand Syrup has often been mentioned as a favourite of mori girls. Their latest collection, photographed in Estonia, captures the childlike spirit of the mori girls perfectly.

The silhouettes are what some people might consider shapeless. However, they're nowhere near as baggy and layered as the outfits worn by Yu Aoi in her photoshoots for Spoon. These examples show a good way to wear mori girl influences in warmer weather and without going overboard.

Nice warm tones and polka-dotted/floral prints in the first and third pictures. Mori girls look like they're always going on picnics, don't they? And who wouldn't in such pretty environs?


There are some unexpected items here such as the backpack and the clogs--things you wouldn't expect to see on a very feminine girl. The mori girl manages to carry off these items with an innocent charm.

Image source: Felissimo

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  1. I love the last models hair! :) It seems thst this brand always uses western models.

  2. Yes it does, and very childlike, innocent looking ones at that.

  3. is so notable that this brand is the most populat between girls, this is something not rare, this is a elegant brand and make the girls look so pretty.

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