Sunday, November 15, 2009

Featured Brand: Iedit

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for posting so infrequently the past few days. I can't use my MacBook at the moment, so please bear with me until it's back in a few days!

Iedit is from the same parent company as the wonderful Syrup. It offers down-to-earth solutions for girls who want to incorporate the layers and loose silhouettes of the mori girls into their everyday wardrobes.

Turtlenecks, a mori girl staple, layered under dresses and tops are a great look for winter.

I find skirts peeking out from under shorter hemlines particularly cute. This is a look that's become especially popular recently.

Easy and casual looks for lazy fall days. Plaid, lace, beanies, boots, tights--all mori girl favourites.

These individual pieces can be combined to create more ordinary looks, but can also be worked into outfits more characteristic of mori girls.

Image source: Felissimo

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