Sunday, November 22, 2009

Featured Brand: Sloe

While surfing through the Japanese mail order site Felissimo, I discovered Sloe, a label that's streetsmart yet sweetly geeky. I think most mori girls have an awkward, slightly nerdy and introspective side that could be channeled in a similar way.

Loose, amorphous silhouettes and autumm shades are given a contemporary twist. I love the parka in the first picture, the scarf in the second and those furry leg warmers in the third.

Love the way they layered the striped leggings under socks and boots in the first picture.

Those shoes are just perfect!

Image source: Felissimo

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  1. I love the picture with the red sweater and where the girl seems to be wired

  2. I didn't notice but now that you mention it, she does seem to be wired! :)

  3. In fact, there are interesting things! The shoes, scarf and the sixth picture are my favourite!

  4. I love your blog more than anything!<3 im so happy i found it!:)

  5. Raphaelle: The shoes are my ultimate favourite! :)

    Anonymous: Thanks for reading and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the blog! :)

  6. this really is the blog i've ever searched for.
    (put you on my reader) ... greatttt. (sloe ♥)

  7. Pello: Great! Thanks for reading! :)