Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hansel from Basel socks

Socks and tights, often layered one over the other, are often featured in mori girl fashion, especially with winter on its way for most of us. Hansel from Basel makes really cute, colourful socks that make me feel like lounging around the house in a cotton dress and stockinged feet!

These striped socks can be worn with oxfords, booties and other flat shoes.

My favourite sock length is just below the kneecap. What's yours?

Love the tops of these socks! These would look cute peeking out the tops of boots.

Classic thigh-highs that can be paired with all manner of feminine, floaty dresses. I have similar socks that I never fail to take out of storage each spring and fall.

Cute lemon yellow soles on forest green socks.

What I love best about cool weather is being able to mix, match and layer socks and tights. Summer is raging ahead here, though, so it looks like that's it for me this year.


  1. Hi There Yu Aoi,
    I just now learned about you. You have the cutest, girliest socks- and I adore you! How about doing a pose in the stripped socks on this page so we can see the backs of your knees? Your legs are beautiful, and I would love to hear from you, on a regular basis.

  2. This Mori girl is so beautiful, do you have more photos of this cute girl? I fell in love with her.