Sunday, November 1, 2009

Featured Brand: Yab-Yum

A Japanese brand I discovered only recently is Yab-Yum. I was struck by how very mori girl its aesthetic is. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Yab-Yum truly encapsulates the spirit of the mori girls. Its Spring/Summer 2010 collection consists of lovely pieces with unique draping in a neutral palette. The number of silhouettes found in such a small collection is amazing, and something mori girls can glean lots of ideas from.

The loose trousers worn under a tunic is great for active mori girls. The nautical dress is just adorable.

The simple colour palette never gets boring thanks to the loose but carefully crafted silhouettes.

These are simple looks that mori girls with a penchant for DIY might be able to recreate.

 I just love the sleeves on the first dress, and the second outfit is a great way to incorporate a narrow waistline into a loose silhouette.

I love the silhouette on the left, and the dress on the right is a great choice for summer days.

More eclectic looks for mori girls who who love fun layers.

Please visit Yab-Yum's website to view the entire collection.

Image source: Yab-Yum

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  1. When I was exchange student, the designer of Yab-Yum was the professor of fashion design in the University.

    the quality is super and the textiles are really carefully designed for each season and produced in small factories in Japan. the fabrics have a feeling of an object with a long history.

  2. Rinna, you are so lucky! Indeed, the clothes do look very well designed. I'd love to see and feel them up close someday.

    In which part of Japan did you study?

  3. In Tokyo, Musashino Art University. It was a wonderful experience. It was really lucky to get there, I'm thankful for the chance :D
    ... I miss West Tokyo!

    Mr. Patrick Ryan designs the brand together with his wife. He's one of those people who automatically make people's eyes turn to them when they enter a room, he has a strong presence (don't know how to express it otherwise!).

  4. It must have been amazing to not only get to study fashion in Tokyo of all places (!) but to have met such an interesting person--he sounds like a magnetic character.