Thursday, November 5, 2009

Featured Brand: Minä Perhonen

Thanks to a dear reader, Rinna, I discovered Minä Perhonen, a Japanese label that designs textiles, clothing, accessories and even furniture. The Northern European influence is strong with clean lines, strong contrasts and vibrant prints.

Rinna mentioned that one of the dresses worn by Yu Aoi in Honey and Clover looked like it could be from Minä Perhonen, and indeed, the third dress does look very similar to a certain black and white floral dress.

Clean lines mixed with combined with astonishing details.


I'm loving the crafty vibe. There's just something so... comforting about these accessories. Just looking at them makes one feel so cosy and safe somehow. Do check out Minä Perhonen's website to see more beautiful things.

Image source: Minä Perhonen

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  1. wow, thanks for the mention! I wrote a bit about Minä Perhonen at

    I'm a big fan of his work, and love for example that white dress with abig flower sideways, but what I really crave are the three books about Minä Perhonen's embroideries and prints!

  2. I really wonder how graphic prints like the flower on the dress you mentioned are made. They wouldn't be screen printed would they? And the books sound lovely, especially for someone who understands fabrics!

  3. It could be either a screenprint or a huge embroidery. If it's embroidered, it must be quite expensive to make ^^'

    ooh, I just found the books at, but at 35 pounds each. But Christmas is coming...

    (I made the stupidest mistake on the url in my first comment. It's a-lace-diary, not alce-diary)

  4. How about ordering through the Kinokuniya website? It seems significantly cheaper, but I don't know about shipping. has the books too.

    The pictures on your blog were amazing! I'm in awe of Theatre Products. I never knew these designers were so involved with creating their own textiles.

  5. the prints on these clothes are fantastic, the pink translucent skirt with the bold graphics is really sweet.

  6. Yes, the Scandinavian influence comes through really clearly in the lovely prints.

  7. Did you know Minä perhonen is finnish and means "me, butterfly" ?