Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomotomo September 2009 shoot

One of the shoots in the September issue of Tomotomo, a Japanese hairstyle magazine, featured clothing that I think other mori girls would enjoy. There was a childlike air to the models and styling that fit very well with the innocent aura of the mori girls.

The vintage-looking printed dress on the left makes the model look like an antique doll, while the model on the right looks very forest girl-like indeed.

The collar, buttoned up high, the bangs, not to mention the doll--all appeal to the mori girl's fondness for things she loved in childhood.

Lovely collar on a dress made of a wonderful checked fabric. Love the combination of pink and green.

Very vintage looking prints with the puffed sleeves that mori girls love.

This bobbed hairstyle with bangs is quite a typical mori girl look. The loaf of bread adds to the rustic feel. The dress reminds me of a sunny sky!

Hope you found these pictures inspiring. The models look so contemplative and sad, even.

Image source: Tomotomo

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  1. nice blog
    i like mori girls

  2. i love that bob in the last picture!!
    the clothes are all so nice too :3

  3. Kuki86beauty: Thanks for visiting!

    Emily: Yes it's so cute! The girl reminds me of Juri Ueno in Nodame Cantabile.

  4. i love the red dressed girls hair.


    tomotomo always have nice ideas!

  5. It's a really modern cut tempered by the retro-looking dress. Awesome combination.

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