Saturday, November 28, 2009

SM2 Winter 2009

I posted about SM2 in autumn, and now they've come up with a brand new collection for winter.

This collection retains the brand's signature relaxed silhouettes and neutral tones while piling on heavier layers for the winter.

The earmuffs look so cosy, while the draping in the second picture is lovely and relaxed.

I especially love toggle coats like that in the first picture (in fact one of the coats that I wear most in winter is a long cream toggle coat). Because they're rather unisex and very functional, they're great for afternoon rambles and exploring.

Patterned tights like these are making a huge appearance this winter.


Once again, SM2 presents its designs in a rustic setting that is close to the hearts of all mori girls.

This label is so dreamy!

Image source: SM2

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  1. I love this snuggled feel to it.

  2. Same here, and the pictures make everything look even cosier.

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