Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Featured Brand: Wonder Rocket

Wonder Rocket stocks clothing and accessories that probably come closest to the typical mori girl look on Daikanyama streets. The aesthetic is generally quite frilly, feminine and predisposed to lighter shades and neutral tones.

It may be inspiring for some of you to check out the most popular conception of mori girl, though you shouldn't let it curb your own imagination as this is by no means the only interpretation of  mori girl.

Wonder Rocket has even dedicated a section specifically to mori girls! Here are some picks from the mori girl selection.

Typical mori girl street snapshots tend to feature lots of lace-like fabrics.

Loose dresses which have long been a staple of mori girls.

The navy dress with the lace collar is adorable, and the bolero is another mori girl favourite.

Winding scarves around the neck without letting the ends dangle has been cited as the mori girl's scarf-wearing method of choice, while the Russian-style furry hat very cosily captures the spirit of the chillier seasons.

Wonder Rocket can be a great choice if you're after the extremely textured, light coloured look that's appearing a lot on Japanese streets these days.

Image source: Wonder Rocket

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  1. I think the clothes from the mori girl section don't look bad, but I really don't like this kind of mori girls. They look much more like lolitas, they are not natural enough to look like coming from the forest so calling them mori girls is a bit weird. They're cute though, but that's not the kind of mori girls I admire...

  2. Hi Laura, I can understand how you feel. Personally I prefer the less sweet, Scandinavian-influenced mori girl style.

  3. Hi,

    I really love this brand, I would like to buy some clothes from this brand.
    Does it export?
    Where can I find a shoppingservice with low cost which would allow me to buy there?
    Thanks before.

    Thank you for all your posts in this beautiful blog.