Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yu Aoi in Pretty Style May 2010

It's easy to see why Yu Aoi is a shoo-in for the mori girl title. From her quirky film choices to her whimsical persona, Yu Aoi doesn't seem to inhabit the same mundane world we sometimes feel trapped in. The first half of her most recent photo shoot in Japanese fashion magazine Pretty Style is otherworldly indeed.

Streetwear has never looked quite so ethereal. Yu Aoi manages to make even the baggiest of silhouettes look delicate.

I'm loving the first outfit. The scarf wrapped all around the neck, the amorphous dress and the white sneakers--perfect!

In the second half of the photo shoot, Yu comes back to earth--but oh, what a winsome, charming earth it seems to be!

Watching a movie alone in an old theatre and waiting for someone at the station.

Waiting at the cinema beside a bucket of popcorn and good old grocery shopping.

We too should begin ferreting out charming little moments in our everyday lives.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Wonder Rocket Spring 2010

I was browsing through the Wonder Rocket website and noticed their clothes were completely different from what I saw the last time I was there, so I thought I'd give them another mention. Many cute coordinates as usual!

I really like the second outfit. The loose tshirt and skirt combo avoids looking sloppy because of the intricate graphic and cheery sky-blue. And I'm sure many mori girls have worn tiered or ruffled dresses over long sleeved tops as in the first picture.

These dresses are ultra-feminine. I suggest giving these dresses a little structure by wearing them with boots.

The first dress is quite ethereal, while I love the colours in the second outfit!

The dress in the first picture is my favourite dress in the collection. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, though it's actually supposed to be grey not blue.

These skirts are delightfully fairy-like and remind me a little of ballerinas too. I've got a few dresses with similar skirts and have been told that they remind some people of the fairy dresses they wore when they were children.

Image source: Wonder Rocket

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Featured Brand: Olive des Olive

Spring has officially arrived, and the loose, casual silhouette that more and more Japanese labels are adopting these days is perfect for breezy spring mornings. Olive des Olive is one such brand.

I'm seeing these floaty little floral skirts and shorts everywhere this spring. Very cute when paired with loose tops, tucked in or out!

Now that the weather is warmer, I forsee many mori girls turning away from boots to clogs and sandals. Biking and picnics are also two activities I am determined to enjoy more this spring/summer!

Some cute coordinates on the website. Don't be sad that autumn is over. Enjoy spring while it lasts!

Image source: Olive des Olive

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland-themed shoot in Kera May 2010

Just thought I'd share these pictures from the latest issue of Kera. Alice in Wonderland looks set to be a huge trend this year, and is particularly relevant to those into lolita and mori girl fashion. Alice-inspired fashion is sweet and feminine, but not too delicate for adventuresome sorts, and successfully captures the childlike spirit of exploration and curiosity that appeals to mori girls.

I think the third picture captures the spirit of Alice best. The boater hat and the baby blue skirt (light blue has been designated as Alice's official colour ever since the Disney's incarnation), with Alice perched on the edge of the rabbit hole, make me wonder what's on the other side of that tunnel.

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